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Energy-Efficient Product and Process Innovations in Production Engineering
Project Structure

Project Structure

Project structure
The "eniPROD" cluster of excellence aims to make a nationally and internationally visible contribution to the implementation of the vision of almost completely emissions-free production. In order to achieve this goal, the existing fields of research excellence in the scientific location of Chemnitz are to be pooled. This will allow the individual competencies and potential of these fields to be utilised and combined in a targeted manner. At the same time, the focus will be on the research programme in energy-efficient production.

Fields of Action

Virtual Product Development
The purpose of the research in the field of is to provide support, with regard to both methodology and the use of information technology, for the development of assets and consumer goods with a minimised energy requirement over their life-cycle.
Production Systems
is the development of new evaluation methods and indicators, active principles and construction methods for optimising the energy efficiency of production systems.
Process Chain - Powertrain
Within the scope of the research carried out into the , a methodology is being developed for selected function/form elements, which can be used for the design of energy-efficient process chains.
Process Chain - Car Body Structures
Within the scope of the research carried out into the , the aim is to develop new active principles, construction methods and technologies for the reduction of the primary energy requirement and for increasing energy efficiency in production and to implement these in a press-hardened demonstrator component.
Materials and Structures
The focus within the field of is the investigation of energy-efficient material use and resource-efficient production.
Logistics and Factory Planning
Within the field of , energy-sensitive planning and control systems in factory operation and new active principles and construction methods for energy-efficient technical logistics are being researched, alongside energy efficiency-oriented factory planning.
CIRP Research Group
An interdisciplinary research group made up of junior scientists with outstanding qualifications is set to make a significant contribution to the international visibility and recognition of the eniPROD cluster of excellence.
Cross-Sectional Working Groups
In addition to the fields of action and the sub-projects, five Cross-Sectional Working Groups  were set up as communication and transfer platforms.

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